Intentionally small, we offer a nimble approach to strategic services.


Working as an extension of your team, we are able to learn from in-house experts, as well as provide the objective perspectives needed to see past internal barriers to innovative solutions. We bring your team along for the research journey with the intention of deepening empathy and building advocacy for your customers.


Our Core Team


Leah McDougald


Leah's 15 years of design research experience and B.A. in Sociology provide her with a unique combination of breadth and depth. She has a knack for building rapport while conducting research and is able to translate the data in a way that builds empathy and inspires collaboration. Leah has spoken at SXSW, mentors local startups, and guest lectures at schools including AC4D and The Ohio State University.

Alexa Hanna

Alexa Hanna

Design Researcher

With a background in industrial design (CCAD, class of 2017) Alexa approaches everything she does with the eye of a product designer. Alexa was the CCAD ISDA Merit Award winner and holds four design patents. She has worked with a variety of clients including Abbott, Aramark, Mary Kay, and multiple startups.


Lalese Stamps


Lalese is a 2018 CCAD graduate with a BFA in Advertising & Graphic Design. In addition to her digital design work, she is also known around town for her work as a hand letterer and ceramicist, for which she was awarded the 2018 GCAC Resources Grant. Before joining the McDougald team, Lalese spent 2 years as the Senior Marketing Design Intern on the creative team at Express. 


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